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Monday, April 11

A different approach to scrapping

Art journaling is definitely not a new thing, not even in the digi scrapping world and yet I've never really had the desire to try it out. I looked at the pages others made and didn't understand them. They just looked messy to me. Well, it turned out that art journaling was much like learning to drink coffee. It took time for me to appreciate it but once I got started it was difficult to stop again. It took time to get past the dark and gloomy art journaling pages and realize they don't all have to be that way. It is just as easy to scrap happy thoughts/memories. It really is a great way to tell stories and express feelings. Not to mention a good way to use some of all the fantasy kits I've bought simply because they were way cool and not because I cared much for the genre.

Believe it or not but this actually started as a layout for a birthday art journaling challenge. The prompt was birthday and I instantly thought of 'It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to'. My birthday is in July and all my life I had been used to spending the day pretty much alone because my friends always were away for the summer. Birthdays weren't worth celebrating.

But then the layout took on a whole other direction because as I was working on it I thought of the change that came the year I met my husband and we shared the first kiss on my balcony on the morning of my birthday. It's difficult to believe how my life has changed since that kiss. [SEE CREDITS HERE]

This has been on my mind a lot lately. I really miss getting out there on my bike, just driving around and enjoying nature. I guess living in the city has really killed my motivation to get up on my bike, but I really do miss it. [SEE CREDITS HERE]

I'm currently working on a little music/scrapping project. I'm a huge music lover and with just about every event in my life I have a song for it. They are the songs that reminds me of the feelings, persons, events. They are the songs that makes me stronger, makes me believe and makes me let go. They are the songs that together tells my story better then anything else. [SEE CREDITS HERE]

Well this started as another page for my 'Soundtrack of my Life' art journaling project I'm working on but as I was working on it and really listening to the text this [awful] song got a whole new meaning.

The song this time is Barbie Girl by Danish Aqua. Ask my friends what my song is and this is the one they'll mention. It has stuck with me since a very fun night a long, long time ago. Well I'm sure you don't need all the details, but it did involve alcohol and me singing Barbie Girl with a bowl on my head on a dare. It wasn't even the worst of the dares that night but for some reason it is the one most remember. [SEE CREDITS HERE]

Feel like doing some art journaling yourself, then check out the forum for more information and the gallery for more inspiration.


  1. Hi Jeanet,
    Thanks for this post. I agree, it is like learning to drink coffee. You have to get past the 'it should be....' and then it's so good to do. It really can be about anything. You've once more inspired me to go and have another go at it. No rules, no boundries :)
    Maureen (TheStarryMe)

  2. I've just started doing this, too. It's addictive, isn't it?