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Tuesday, April 5

Beach time

The day was bitterly cold, the wind was close to storm and with every passing minute the rain came closer - all in all, a perfect day in Denmark to go to the beach.

The best thing about going to the beach this time of the year is not only that we usually have it to ourselves but also the beauty of the beach once the snow has melted. The shore is filled with nature's own garbage. Seaweed and thousands of shells that has been thrown out of the water, leaving a mosaic of colors and textures. One shell shines like mother of pearl, another seem to have a thousand different shades of blue.
But going to the beach this time of the year is much more then an experience for the sight. The sound of the waves rushing into shore, the wind playing in the grass and the distinct smell of Spring just around the corner.

All in all a perfect day to go to the beach!

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  1. Gid jeg havde været med. I stedet var jeg hjemme og passede Xander og hans skoldkopper :(