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Sunday, January 2

To 365 or not

These past few years a new year has for me meant another attempt to start a 365 photo project. I think the furthest I've succeeded earlier was about a month perhaps a month and a half. Nothing too impressive, obviously nothing to brag about.

Here's why 365 haven't worked for me
○ My life is pretty boring and I can't see how macro shots around the house can help tell any story about the past year.
○ I'm too shy and often don't bring my camera everywhere because I don't want to be in everyone's face all the time.
○ There are days where I either get off work early or don't work which is great for taking photos and then there are the days where I work 12-14 hours and taking a photo is the last thing on my mind.
○ I'm my own worst critic and if the photo isn't good I'm not going to save it, let alone share it with anyone else.

Now two of these things I could definitely work on. I could tell myself that it is okay to be known as the girl with the camera, always with a finger ready on the shutter button. I could try and convince myself that it doesn't always have to be perfect. But for both I know it will be a struggle. I'm always wondering what other people are thinking of me, how I appear to them and in a way it's holding me back. In this sense a 365 project could probably be beneficial.

So I've been wondering these past few weeks considering my life is still just about as average as the next person. Should I or shouldn't I attempt to start another 365 photo project in 2011. I thought about doing a list of why I should do a 365 project and realized that the answer was right before me. I thought “Why I should do it” - not “Why I want to do it”. I guess my desire to do it has always been because everyone else were doing it and I didn't want to be left out of that club. However what I do want to do in 2011 is to take lots and lots of photos – one at the time or one hundred in a single day but there will be no project 365 for me.

What about you? Are you 365ing this year?

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  1. I am just aiming for a P52 this year...That I know I can handle, and I missed doing the P365 last year, but life got in the way.
    Glæder mig til den 20.