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Wednesday, January 5

New Beginnings

So I made kind of a big deal the other day of not attempting a 365 project in 2011 but then I got sort of tempted to make a P52. I mean 52 photos should be a bit easier to commit to right? And if I don't succeed I'll stick the ones I get to finish in my regular scrap album and no one will ever know that I once more failed miserably. Well no one apart from the maximum two persons reading my blog and the members of DSP.

Newest designer at DSP, CarolAnn Gary, started a P52 challenge with weekly prompts and the promise of weekly prompts was what in the end had me convince. If she supplies the prompts, then that's half the planning of a layout.

The prompts week one were 'Local weather', 'New Beginnings' or 'My favorite Christmas gift'. I'm so over talking about the weather right now (I've had a cold since the first snow and it will probably stay until the snow goes away as well, which is not likely to happen any time soon). I couldn't decide which of my Christmas gift was my favorite so all that was left was 'New Beginnings'.

We used the better part of 2010 on house renovations and will probably do the same in 2011.but News Years Eves day we got to finish at least one room, well not completely finished but at least finished to a point where I don't want to die of embarrassment when we have company and a place we can relax. We soooo need to relax and if it was up to me we would never leave our new living room.

Here's the living room during
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And here's what it looks like today.
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There's still lots that needs to be done, including putting up some art and photos to make it more homely but for now I'm just so excited that we've at least gotten this far. For months we've spend the majority of our evenings working or in the kitchen as that was the only normal room we had left but now Flemming will be sitting at his desk with his computer and I'll be on the couch reading with Buller resting beside me. I can't imagine life being anymore perfect then that.

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  1. Det ser smukt ud Jeanet, og meget hyggeligt at ligge i sofaen og slappe af :)