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Monday, January 3

Creativity - Are You Confident Enough to Share It?

I started my Consistent Scrapper challenge again Saturday at DSP. The whole object of the challenge is to scrap more consistently in order to feel more creative. Perhaps it is rather ironic that I run these challenges and succeed in making 30 layouts in 30 days when I'm so reluctant to commit to a 365 photo challenge.

To keep the creativity flowing I read a lot of articles online and today I want share one of them with you In the article Lisa G. Gold writes about how confidence and creativity work together and more importantly help each other grow. I wrote yesterday about how sometimes my lack of self confidence keeps me from bringing my camera everywhere and more importantly take more photos. There was a time where I felt the same about my layouts but thanks to a certain group of ladies at my favorite digital scrapbooking site, DSP, this is no longer the case. Originally called 'Feed the layouts' challenge, now Inspiration and Support it is a thread that is updated daily where members of DSP can share their layouts for comments and help. I went digging in the archives and found the first layout I ever linked there
and here's the latest I've linked in the thread.
Trust me it is amazing how encouraging compliments can be. Okay sure, the layouts are made with a couple years in between but I owe a lot of what I know and can to the always encouraging ladies who use this thread daily.

Starting this second edition of the Consistent Scrapper Challenge I know where to look for support and encouragement to keep it going. I am now confident enough to share my creativity but I'm also confident enough to ask for help when I need it. You see how the two things are linked together? So here's my tip for today. If you want to get better at anything, find a group of supporters that will encourage you whenever you need it.

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