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Tuesday, January 4

Book review: Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern

How many things can go wrong before what is meant to be finally happens? Well for Rosie and Alex in Cecilia Ahern's 'Where Rainbows End' a lot of things can go wrong. Actually so many things that I had given up hope for the book when I was about two thirds into it but I finished it and I'm glad I did or it probably would have left me wondering if the couple and the story were saved in the end.

When I started reading 'Where Rainbows End' I was determined to love it. I had loved Ahern's 'PS I love you' so much that I expected anything by her had to be equally good and this was probably my first mistake. I had so high expectations that nothing short of a masterpiece would be good enough and this is not a masterpiece. Following the childhood friends Rosie and Alex from Dublin through each of their rather chaotic lives separated by the Atlantic as Alex moves to Boston the book is written in the form of letters, emails, postcards and chats between our two main characters and the people they meet on their way in life. The whole approach of writing a book completely consisting of letters and not actual dialogue was at first quite intriguing. A good flow, easy to read and the 500 pages didn't seem long when a page could be completed in a minute. But before long I started feeling unsatisfied. There were so many things left unsaid, so many stories where I had fill in the blanks and I became confused. It didn't make it better that I couldn't place the book in any given time period. The use of email is presented fairly early in the story which gave me an idea that it must be around early/mid 90s but the story just went on and on from there, years and decades flew by and the story still felt like it was contemporary and not suddenly almost futuristic. I know time can stand still in Ireland but it still felt wrong and I started wondering more about that then the actual story.

At some point I lost interest in Rosie and Alex which isn't a great thing, considering the book is about them. So many things went wrong for them and all the time the answer to making it all stop was right there before them, if only they had opened their mouths and hearts. In the last third of the book I somehow found them interesting again but only because I was so mad at them for not moving on and if they did or not I shall leave unsaid if you should want to read the book. But I will reveal that I didn't feel satisfied after turning over the last page.

If you want an easy read go ahead and read it, but if you want a good read on top of that go for Ahern's 'PS I love you' – I never get tired of that one.

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