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Monday, December 6

It's beginning to feel like Christmas

I had checked every weather report I could find in the morning and although they all mentioned snow they also talked about better weather after noon. So we took the chance and headed towards Sweden and the Christmas market at Frederiksdal museum and gardens. We had packed two cars, eight persons and a lot of warm clothes of course. As we were waiting for the ferry the snow turned to rain and it was coming down so heavy that we couldn't even see the water. We were still determined to go since we had already made it that far.

In Sweden it continued to snow the entire day and I was only able to get my camera out a few times. It was so cold but it was worth it. The entire place was so beautiful, the old stores decorated and filled with the most amazing Christmas decorations. I could have spend a fortune there. We had lunch in an old farm house and then set off to explore the 360,000 square metres of beautiful scenery. Everywhere we looked candles were burning in the snow - oh and the smells. It was the smell of Christmas for sure. We came home with the car packed with glögg, chocolates and sweetly smelling crisp apples. Pure heaven.

Both my husband and I had worked a lot of hours this past week and with Christmas so close we really needed this trip to find the Christmas spirit so I'm glad we decided to ignore the bad weather and go. Besides four years ago as we had lunch in Helsingborg, Sweden on our way to Göteborg we had promised each other to return and see more of the beautiful city. Yesterday we saw a bit more but next year we are definitely going back to see it all. But I wouldn't object if it wasn't quite as cold next time.

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  1. Oh wow it looks amazing. One thing I miss being here in the US is a quick trip to London, getting a bag of hot chestnuts, the carol singers and the huge stores. Can not wait to see some layouts.