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Thursday, December 9

It could be worse

Just fifteen more days until Christmas and this year we are going to be hosting the dinners both the 23rd and 24th. In Denmark we celebrate Christmas on the 24th and in my family we celebrate it both the 23rd and 24th. One day with my husbands family and the other with my family which this year will only be my mother. I'm not sure what on earth we were thinking when we agreed to have it at our house because... Well see for yourself.

This is our living room as of right now and the reason why I haven't unpacked any of my Christmas decorations yet. I've got no place to put it. All of our furniture is packed away, we still need to put up wallpaper and paint. And I guess at some point we really need to clear the place a bit so we'll have room for our dinner table again. An absolute necessity this year will be lots of candles since we've got no electricity in the room and won't have until some time in the new year. But it could be worse. A few years ago we didn't have any power at all for days between Christmas and New Years and only got it back a few hours before our guests arrived on New Years Eve.

"It could be worse" is something we've told ourselves and others a lot of times this year having to face all kinds of troubles and still it's not just something we are saying. Things can always be worse and we are thankful for what we've got. And here's what we'll have in a few weeks. We'll have a wonderful Christmas spend with the people we love the most. The surroundings might not be the most glamorous, but we will be together enjoying a fabulous meal and singing Christmas carols in the candlelight.

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