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Friday, December 10

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

This December at the DSP Bookclub we are reading The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom At first I wasn't even sure if I wanted to read it and I knew that I definitely wasn't going to buy it so I looked for it at my local library surprised to learn that not only did they have it but they had it in English.

On the back of the cover of 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven' it says "Deep, profound, superbly imaginative, written with the quiet eloquence of a storyteller who dares to leap into the most magical of places." James McBride

I can hardly think of any better way to describe this small masterpiece by Mitch Albom. Pure poetry from the first page. More then anything this book reminds me of the books we read to children. Not a lot of words but always with a lesson to be learned about life, the world and each other. In very few words Albom not only catches his readers attention but also teach them a valuable lesson.

Is death really the end or is it simply the beginning to something else? In the book we follow 83 year old Eddie in the last minutes of his life and his road to heaven. To get there he meets five people; strangers, loved ones and old friends. Each have a story to tell. Stories about themselves but also stories that involves Eddie even if he never knew them. They are all stories told to make meaning of Eddies yesterdays and they are all stories that will make you think even as you read on in the book.

As I began to realize who the last person was going to be my heart dropped and everything in his life suddenly made sense. I was sitting in the bus on my way to work and had to fight back the tears burning in my eyes. As he crying came to an understanding of everything that had happened I could no longer hold back the tears.

This small book has in all its simplicity told so many big things about life. That no matter how insignificant your life might feel it never really is. Your life, your doings always have an impact on others even when you don't realize it. One lives, while another one dies. That's how life is supposed to be. For Eddie that meant that his darkest hour, the one he had always felt had ruined his life had in fact saved so many other lives.

If you haven't read it already, do yourself a favor and read it. With the risk of sounding corny, it will change your life.


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  2. What a beautifully written review of the book Jeanet. I read it a couple of years ago and loved it. Reading your blog makes me want to read it again. I just need to remember where I put it.