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Monday, November 22

Wall Art

I'm in the middle of redecorating my house (calling it the middle is probably wrong since I'm not sure we are that far yet) and needed some cheap artwork. I've been searching for a while but often when I finally found something I would look at it for so long that I started noticing all the details. And once I see the details my head start spinning with ideas of how I could make something like that myself and if I can make it myself why buy it from others? Sadly there is usually a long way between idea and actually realization of the idea in my world. It is like there are so many ideas that I can't decide which one to act on first.

But I've been determined that we should have something on our walls. Our walls have been the saddest sight ever. No one visiting here would think anyone creative lives here with the empty walls all over the house just screaming for a bit of creativity. For some reasons my layouts are still fairly private to me and I don't like the idea of them decorating the walls. So what's a scrapper to do?

Answer: Make layouts without photos! I started picking out bits and pieces of many different scrapping supplies, smearing them on my file like they were an artists paint. Moving them, nudging them a pixel at the time and all the while keep filling more and more on. Here's one of the results. Making this was different then making a layout with actual photos on. I didn't have to think about how the things would work with a specific photo. I didn't need to worry about photo placement or journaling. I actually felt like I was standing with a paint brush and just let the creativity flow. I used to paint with water colors when I was younger and I've been sort of missing it but on the other hand I know I would miss the undo button if I was to work on actual paper. [Yikes!]
Of course at some point my mind started thinking about photos and after I had finished the above I went back and redid it as a layout with a photo that had kept haunting me while I made the wall art.

Wordee Word Art Set 2 by Marcee Duggar Delanee by Marcee Duggar Sallee by Marcee Duggar
Le Joli Papillion by Lauren Bavin Music Begins Page Kit by Lauren Bavin which can also be found at the Scraps of Fun - Performing Arts CD by DSP Designersor the Scraps of Fun - Performing Arts Downloadable version by DSP Designers Wetlands by Lauren Bavin Passionfruit Purple Page Kit by Suzanne C Walker Brushed On Watercolour 2 Quick Bits by Lauren Bavin

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