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Wednesday, November 24


Do your layouts ever take on a life of their own? It happens to me all the time. I have a certain design in mind when I begin a layout but usually what I end up with looks nothing like I had planned.

I used this ad as my inspiration. I really like how clean and simple it looked despite of all the small details. But the black and white kept it calm and pleasing to the eye.

Now here's what I ended up with. Nothing calm or pleasing about it. It doesn't in my eyes at least have that graphic look of the ad inspiration. I've still kept it to a minimum of colors and perhaps that's why I despite it being nothing like the original still like it. But isn't that what inspiration is all about? You take bits and pieces of something and make it your own! The inspiration ad looks nothing like something you would normally see me do but my own layout definitely looks like a Jeanet.

Torn Away Overlay Stack by Lauren Bavin
Brushed On Watercolour 2 Quick Bits by Lauren Bavin
Noir Royale by Lauren Bavin

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