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Sunday, October 10

Finding peace

Seldom have I felt more excited and sad at the same time as I did this morning when I woke up. The morning sun was fighting a battle with the heavy fog that had come over night in my garden. The sight was exciting because the result of the battle was pretty clear - today was going to be a breathtakingly beautiful autumn day. Sadly I was going to be at work all day with no hope of enjoying the last few hours of sun. If I didn't feel like going to work on a Sunday before seeing this, I absolutely hated the thought of having to go to work afterwards. I wanted to stay home. I wanted to take deep breaths of clear cold air.

Work was chaotic and at times I mostly felt like screaming until everyone would stop demanding solutions to problems that shouldn't even exist. Seven hours later I rushed out of the door, went home to get my husband and dog and went for a long walk in the last minutes of a beautiful autumn day.

Gone were the angry customers. Gone was the stress and even if I did have to work most of this beautiful Sunday, I feel relaxed and ready for a new week. Bring it on - I'm ready!

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