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Saturday, October 9

The Consistent Scrapper Challenge Intro

We all feel like we've lost our creativity from time to time when in fact we don't really lose it, but if creativity isn't cared for, challenged or at times forced it can feel lost. When I feel most creative it is when I day after day start the day off by opening a new blank canvas in my software and not close down the program until at least one layout is done. In fact you might say that making the decision to be creative means I am creative!

Consistency is the key to success! Consistency will produce reliability on your efforts and skills.

That's why I'm challenging you to make one layout every single day of November. That's right! You heard me. 30 layouts, 30 splendid moments that deserves to be scrapped.

Please notice, the challenge isn't to make 30 outstanding layouts that all looks like they belong in the hall of fame for their innovating new ways of scrapping or in depth amazing journaling. The challenge is simply to make 30 layouts! They can all look more or less the same if you prefer. You might even want to consider using quick clicks. Only rule is no ploppers. This is an exercise in creativity and although I know some scrappers are very good at being creative with ploppers, I want to see your own work. That's not to say, you can't use ploppers as inspiration.

If you are up to the challenge you can start preparing now.

For convenience you might want to find 20 something photos you know you want to scrap. It could be photos from your every day life, birthday parties, heritage photos – any photo that you just never got around to scrap. The rest of the photos could be from November.

Clean your desk and get your files organized. Read a book, watch TV, spend time with your family, anything really that will inspire you. Look for inspiration! Feel excited about doing a fantastic project even when the days where you don't feel too excited about it comes. Make your progress visible. It might be enough for you to see your gallery growing one layout a day, if not, take a marker and make a big, fat x every day you manage to make your layout in your calendar. Feel inspired by how far you've already come.

So what are you saying? Are you with me on this one? I will be back in November with more inspiration, mini challenges and hopefully my own 30 layouts!

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