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Thursday, February 18

The end of something, the beginning.... of what?

As a member of a creative team I often struggle with the fact that I mostly scrap in boyish colors. Apart from nature and the occasional layout about my self I make layouts about my husband, my dog, my friends' adorable son, Xander, who's the star of many of my more recent layouts and recently my two godsons Alexander & Victor.
So February has been a tough month for me with all these purple and pink kits out there because of Valentines and perhaps that's why I'm secretly beginning to look a bit forward to the end of March when my current DET term ends. (Which reminds me - if you want a scrapping experience of a lifetime - the sign up is now open for the DET contest starting March 1st. Find it right here) It is really an amazing experience and I'm so glad that I did it - both times because I've learned so much. But like always the end of something makes me wonder what to do next.

Obviously there's the whole designing thing. It seems like I've talked about it forever and really done nothing about it, but I guess that has something to do with having ridiculous high expectations to myself.
But then there's everything else. Work, family life - sometimes just breathing seems like a challenge. I thought last year that is was going to be a year of change but change never came and the more time passes, the more I realize that my life won't change, if I don't. I'll be 30 in a couple of months and I'm still as confused as when I was 20. Life isn't supposed to be like that, right?
I've had an offer, which could very well be the thing I'm supposed to do. The thing that will make all this make sense and I've been thinking a lot about it, but seriously I think, I need to stop thinking and just do! But I'm afraid to fail.
How do you get rid of that fear, how do you move on? Any advice would really be appreciated.


  1. Jump in and hope for the best ;o) What a sweet kit and a wonderful page you have made.

    Best of luck & big hugs

  2. Do what makes you happy! Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it isn't. As I have said before, your are extremely talented, and you will succeed if you commit to something! I can appreciate your mixed emotions about DET ending such a great experience, but also kind of freeing when it is over. Happy days!

  3. And some of us are probably more confused in our 40s than we were in our 20s. :)

    What that's expression from Strictly Ballroom "A life lived in fear is a life not lived" or something like that.
    What's the worst that can happen? Can you live with the consequences? If you can take a risk, have fun, you never know when it'll really pay off.
    If this is a designing opportunity I say take it! You'll be GREAT!