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Friday, January 29

That's just beachy...

I just had a look back on my blog entries and realised I haven't mentioned my design dreams since August. Well they are still very much alive although I'm still not sure if I'll ever be able to make kits on command. I haven't even been able to finish any SNL kits these past two months, not feeling up to using the kit theme or color scheme. But I still design. Here's the latest kit I did.
I even got a layout made with it which is so unsual for me. And if I can't scrap with my own kits then how could I expect others to do it?

Apart from that life is as much the same as it was in August. I'm still a member of the world's best creative team at Digital Scrapbook Place (I might be a bit partial on that one, so forgive me), still enjoying married life and still looking for a new job instead of the one I have right now.

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  1. Hvor er det bare et smukt kit! Jeg elsker de farver Jeanet :o)