Tuesday, April 28

Eurovision day 5

Day 5 of the Eurovision countdown.

Semi finale 1:
Portugal has gone back to basics and it fits them. The group Flor-De-Lis uses traditional Portuguese instruments. It all becomes a bit too typical and although the song is quite sweet and I like the singer and the way her voice compliments the instruments I’m just not excited. I applaud them for taking the chance and staying true to their own culture but the competition is hard and the voters not many with similar taste.
Music: 2/5 Voice: 2/5 Likability: 1/5 Overall score: 1,67/5

Semi finale 2:
Latvia will not be performing with a Latvian or English song this year. They will be singing in Russian. I think the Eurovision lost a part of its charm when everyone was allowed to sing in English and not only their own language and now it’s okay to sing in any language? How can we celebrate our cultural differences when it’s no longer possible to see or hear where the song comes from? When that is said I find the Latvian entry rather refreshing in the midst of hot young men singing their ballads. It’s so angry and once again proves that Latvia is a country of renewal and courage but I think it might be a bit too much for the majority and I applaud their courage but as a Eurovision song I hate it.
Music: 2/5 Voice: 2/5 Likability: 1/5 Overall score: 1,67/5

Monday, April 27

Eurovision day 4

Although not too high scores this is actually already getting harder. Because the entries this year are in fact all close to good (which is huge coming from me) But here's the next two

Semi finale 1:
She wish… she looked like Shakira, sing like Shakira, danced like Shakira… but she really doesn’t. This is a cheap imitation and the whole song falls apart before the first minute is over. I honestly don’t know for the first time ever what I should say about this song. It is that indifferent to me.
Music: 1/5 Voice: 1/5 Likability: 1/5 Overall score: 1/5

Semi finale 2:
From Ireland, home of Johny Logan, comes the girl rock band Black Daisies with their song Et Cetera. It’s angry girl pop like Kate Perry but without the charm of her. Ireland is clearly trying to renew them in the Eurovision area and the song this year is so much better then last year but it is still not up to full speed.
Music: 2/5 Voice: 1/5 Likability: 1/5 Overall score: 1,33/5

Sunday, April 26

Eurovision day 3

Moving a step closer to some decent songs

Semi finale 1:
I bet the entry from Romania will be a huge hit in the Baltic countries this summer. But the song ‘The Balkan girls’ do not have a broad appeal despite being a pop/dance song. The singer’s accent is thick and might be the cause for a not so great singing voice and somehow hearing about the Balkan girls doesn't wow me in any way. It grows on me a bit everytime I hear it but at the Eurovision there's only one chance to shine.
Music: 1/5 Voice: 0/5 Likability: 1/5 Overall score: 0,67/5

Semi finale 2:
From the Netherlands come the 2 middle-aged guys and the somewhat younger partner in the band called The Toppers. The band made their success on doing medleys of old Eurovision songs and you can hear this in their entry, Shine. It is very typical, very old-fashioned and quite boring and I have serious doubts that they will make it to the finals. There’s no doubt that they can sing and both lyrics and melody are quite likable but in the end they seemed to have been caught in a time gap when it comes to style and that ruins a lot for this performance.
Music: 2/5 Voice:2/5 Likability: 0/5 Overall score: 1,33/5

Saturday, April 25

Eurovision day 2

Here's the next two Eurovision entries that is just a bit better then yesterdays but not really that much.

Semi finale 1: Bulgaria
I’ve read several places that this is the most misunderstood singer in this year’s competition so I’ve really tried to find something good in the Bulgarian entry this year. But the only good thing about Krassimir Avramov and his song Illusion is that it ends. After 3 awful minutes it finally ends. I just don’t get the song or the singer and having had Bulgaria as my favorites several times before because of their renewing approach to the Eurovision I am absolutely disappointed.
Music: 1/5 Voice: 0/5 Likability: 1/5 Overall score: 0,67/5

Semi finale 2: Slovakia
Slovakia tries one of the big Eurovision classics this year. The big ballad/duet. Unfortunately they don’t succeed. There’s a bit too much screaming and although his voice is the closest we’ll come to something pleasant, her voice totally overpowers the song. This would be a good time to make coffee. You will not miss out on anything. However as the scoring will reveal we have far many better songs in Semi finale 2 then in the first semi finale
Music: 2/5 Voice: 1/5 Likability: 0/5 Overall score: 1/5

Friday, April 24

Eurovision Extravaganza

It is the time of the year again! In less then a month the Eurovision Song contest will take place in Moscow, Russia. I'm a huge Eurovision fanatic and I'm thrilled to see so many great entries this year. With the new voting systems this will be a very interesting year. So I'm going to use the time from now and until the first semi finale May 12th to introduce you to the songs starting from the bottom and moving up.

There'll be two semi finales this year so today I'm introducing the two songs I think are the worst from both semi finales. There are many great songs that compete for the first place but I didn't have any doubts about which ones I thought were the worst.

Semi finale 1: FYR Macedonia
If anyone has wondered what happened to Jon Bon Jovi I can now tell them that he’s moved to F.Y.R. Macedonia, has smoked a bit too much and now performs at the Eurovision with a song written by the local daycare. This doesn’t rock at all. It might have a better experience with a better singer but I feel the need to mute him.
Music: 1/5 Voice: 0/5 Likability: 0/5 Overall score: 0,33/5

Semi finale 2: Moldova
I’m not sure but isn’t this the same number they did last year? In the beginning when Eastern Europe came into the Eurovision family their sound was refreshing and inspiring. These days it has become an annoyance with too much screaming, too much jumping the stage and way too much lip stick. The entry from Moldova is a bathroom break number for me.
Music: 1/5 Voice: 0/5 Likability: 0/5 Overall score: 0,33/5

Wednesday, April 22


We had a fabulous weekend in London. The weather was beautiful and quite warm and we both got home just a bit more red. The hotel was fabulous and they even gave us a free upgrade which meant we moved from the 3th floor to the 12th floor and a gorgeous view of London. We could easily have spend the entire weekend there just looking out at all the glorious sights such as the London Eye, Royal Albert Hall etc.
But of course we had to get out there and we walked for hours every day. When we returned to the hotel Sunday night we were both exhausted and our feet hurt so much that we decided to share a footbath in the tub. So we sat there on the edge of the tub soaking our feet, looking into the wall and talking about the day. It was the best way I can imagine ending a day.

We saw so much, tried so many things and I was thrilled to share my love for this city with my husband but in the end we were really tired, having put too much into the schedule with just 3 short days there, so we were ready to go home. The photo is taken from Grosvenor Square just across Victoria Station where we had lunch from Pret before we headed to Kensington to pick up our lugguage from the hotel and go to Gatwick. Words can not descriebe how tired we were and how tempting it was to just lie back in the grass and sleep for a little while. I'm glad we resisted though or we might have missed our flight home.

I've got so many photos I want to scrap now and it is really hard to resist not scrapping all the time but today is my husband's 30th birthday and I can't imagine that's how he wants to spend the day. But I got one done this morning before he got out of bed with part of the view from the hotel. The text says: "In the dark of night – we dream of the adventures that still lie ahead." The signs says Fairyland & Dreamland.
Nighttime At the Fairy Glen by Nicole Young & the coordinating blog freebie Midnight In The Garden 2 Page Kit by Nicole Young Midnight In The Garden Add On Pack by Nicole Young

Thursday, April 16

Update on scrapping

With the coming of April my term as a DET member at Digital Scrapbook Place ended. I have loved every second of it but I'll admit that I felt a bit burned out in the end. No one pushes me as hard as I do myself and every month I pushed a little harder. I thought I was going to take a break once the term ended but I've been just as busy this month as the previous but somehow it is less stressful. I'm not pushing, I'm just creating and loving it.

Perhaps its the new freedom, perhaps its new inspiration, perhaps its the fact that I take more photos now then I have in a long time or perhaps its just that there's been some great challenges this month.

One of them is Robyn Gough's Graphically Challenged challenge which this month is to use only papers, brush
Udgiv indlæg
es and text. No elements at all which I've found to be more a challenge then I first assumed. But I've loved the process. Here's one of the layouts I've done.

The Credits: Grey Day by Suzanne C. Walker & Grey Day Add-On Pack by Suzanne C Walker

I'm off to London in a couple of days and I so wish I had an extra day there so I could have gone to Brighton for the day. Its one of my favorite places ever. The city, the piers, the mood, the light. It is such an inspirational place and I hope to someday get the chance to show my husband what it is that I love so much about Brighton. (Oh and a summer home there would be great too *lol*)

I think this must be enough updating for one day. I'll be back with more updates when I get home from London and perhaps I'll even start blogging my 365 photos if I can keep up with them.

See ya'

Update on designing

I'm a scrapper - not a designer. Never the less I've tried for the last month to create something but the only thing I've learned from it is that I have a whole new respect for the designers that makes new kits every week. Seriously - how do they do it? I love making papers and always end up with too many but when it comes to elements I'm lost. One thing is the skill which I'm certain I could learn just as I have with everything else but another thing is deciding what elements there should be. I've tried looking at my layouts and figure out what elements I like to use and I'm all over the place apparently *lol*

During my 6 months term on the best creative team ever, Digital Elite Team at Digital Scrapbook Place, I've learned so much and the most important thing to me has to find my own style as a scrapper. I do a bit of everything but I do find the most joy in graphic/freestyle layouts. Now if I was to try out this designer thing that seems like a natural step forward I would have to define myself again as a designer and I've been trying to force that which seems stupid considering how long it has taken me to find my style as a scrapper.

I can't decide if I have it in me or not and if I do what will my trademark be so I don't drown in the huge sea of designers there's out there? I think my main issue is that I'm so picky about the products I buy myself. If they aren't flawless I'll never go back to that designer again. And I expect the same of myself that I do with others despite that I know I'm just a newbie.

So here's a little preview of my attempts. Not sure how I feel about posting it online. And enough of the ramblings on design for this time.