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Sunday, November 1

The morning after

There’s something so incredible sad about the morning after a great evening spend with friends. You spend the day before excited about getting to see your friends, shopping, cleaning, getting dinner ready and walking the dog so he can spend the evening sleeping.
The evening passes faster then you would ever expect it to. You eat, laugh and talk like you’ll never meet again and suddenly you are saying goodbye in the doorway and they’ll leave into the darkness of the night.
And then you wake up the morning after to this sight. I call it the glass graveyard. They stand like lonely monuments in the cold light of the morning only accompanied by the candles that burned out hours ago and tell their stories about another great evening.

It’s only Sunday afternoon and I’m already missing Saturday nights.

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  1. Jeanet, I know just the day of preparation and feeling about the day after you are talking about! Great vignette to capture the next morning. I'm sure you had a great Saturday night!