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Monday, November 2

Keeping warm

My husband keeps telling me that I’m just being foolish. To put on an extra sweater or go for a walk. But there are limits to how many sweaters I can wear and go for a walk every five minutes and nothing else will be done that day. The truth, although he’ll never admit it, is that our house is ice cold these days. We are experiencing seriously bad weather even for the season and the heat isn’t turned up enough.
What can however make me warm is that panic attack I had this morning as I turned on my computer or should I say - tried to turn it on. Nothing happened. Absolutely NOTHING! Can you imagine my panic? I’m still not quite sure what happened but one thing is certain it is in need of good spring cleaning! So much stuff and so little space isn’t the best of combinations. I’ve spend the day getting up to date with my backups and drinking lots of tea to keep me warm and once I’m actually brave enough to agree to do it, I’ll have my computer re-installed.

But the never-ending fear is what if something unexpected happens to my back up in the meantime?

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  1. Stakkels dig, du må komme forbi hvis det bliver for koldt, så tænder jeg brændeovnen på forhånd :)