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Thursday, October 29

It's more like a series of events...

Blog Prompt: Of the major events that have happened in your lifetime, what do you feel has had the most impact on you and how?

What is a major event? Where does it start and where does it end? What about all those small things that lead up to the so called big event? Don’t they count and who’s to say they don’t have as big a role on the impact as the major event?

I’ll give you an example. Meeting my husband was a major event. One of those you might even call life altering. But to meet my husband I had to call a friend I hadn’t seen in six months. I wouldn’t have called her if it wasn’t because that the guy I fancied at the time had suddenly decided to spend his Saturday evening differently then planned and I needed someone to entertain me. But then again, I wouldn’t have been involved with that guy in any way if I hadn’t sad & drunk said that a guy like him would make a great rebound guy after a failed relationship, to a mutual friend. And I would certainly never have said that if things had gone differently in my old relationship, a relationship that cost me my friendship with the first mentioned friend.

You are beginning to understand where I’m heading, right? I can’t say exactly what step on my way to true love (and it still is after 8 years together) had the most impact on my life. One thing wouldn’t have happened without the other.


  1. How sweet! I think it was meant to be! Fate or whatever. This sounds like a fairy tale! :)

  2. I love LOVE stories like these. I'm glad you found the one you truly love.