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Tuesday, September 1

Winner of Trendsetters 2009

I still can't quite believe it but I won the Trendsetters contest at DSP. There were so many great layouts and many I considered being a lot more creative then my entries so I didn't really expect anything. These are the 3 layouts I did during the contest.

The next DET contest started today and I've been considering if I should sign up again for the past month or two. I had hoped that my job situation would have been different by now but nothing has changed and as for designing I still don't live up to my own quality expectations so I've got plenty of time and with a little encouragement I signed up last night. So now the competition is on. Around 70 has signed up for the 10 spots on the team so it'll be interesting to see who makes the team this time.
I'll be taking this one round at the time. We've gotten the first kit which is a really beautiful one and I had my layout done fairly quickly but I'll need to sit on it for a while if for nothing else to make sure that I'm not breaking any of the rules.