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Tuesday, July 14

It's Christmas in July...

... or at least it will be soon at my favorite digital scrapbooking site DSP. There's already so many things planned for the week long celebration starting with a 24 hour chat. I hate to miss the chats and all the fun it usually is to be a part of but that particular day we are having guests all day celebrating my husband's 30th birthday. His birthday was in April but we haven't been able to find a free weekend until now. With me working every other weekend we rarely have a weekend with no plans. I knew when we set the date that it would take the focus away from my b-day which is next week but I had no idea that it would be completely forgotten. I'm not saying I expect gifts but no one has asked me what I want for my b-day. Not even my husband or my mother or my husband's grandmother whom I'm very close with despite that she talked about my birthday just earlier today. It is very, very weird and I can't shake the feeling that they are all up to something or perhaps they have just forgotten it. Time will show I guess.

Okay back to the whole Christmas in July thing. I'm usually very excited about the products the DSP designers make but I have yet to find a Christmas kit there (or anywhere else for that matter) that match my Christmas photos. Most Christmas kits are red, green and dark blue and my home is none of these colors around Christmas (apart from the green tree of course). That's the reason why I still haven't gotten my Christmas layouts from last Christmas done and let's face it - before we know it it's December again and a new set of photos will be taken.

It’ll be photos showing my favorite ornaments in soft blue shades, teal, purple and silver. So with this in mind I’ve started working on a new kit which for now is called Nordic Christmas.

I even listened to Christmas music yesterday as I started to work on it – just to get in the spirit. But I must admit that the kit isn’t the easiest I’ve done yet. Since I’m not traditional in my Christmas decorations I’m having a hard time deciding which things so go in the kit. So in many ways I’m back where I started. I still don’t have that perfect Christmas kit but at least I got one layout done with my Advent decoration (which was my first ever – seems to be the year of many firsts).

So if you have any suggestions for stuff to go in the kit or better yet know of a kit that might be suitable (think modern, soft almost pastel colors and lots of bling) give me a hint. I’ll greatly appreciate it.

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