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Friday, July 31

Everything we needed...

Blog Prompt: Today is Mutt’s Day. Do you prefer a mutt or a purebred animal? Why?
I wouldn't say I prefer a mutt or a purebred but when we got to the point where we started looking for a dog we both knew what was important was that we got a dog that was happy and healthy and since we had both seen quite a few purebred dogs with health issues we perhaps not knowingly looked for a mutt. Another thing that was important to us was that we wanted to give a dog that really needed a home a place to be. It breaks our hearts to see how some people buy dogs when then are cute puppies and then just give up on them once they've grown into size. A dog is a serious commitment. So we picked up our dog at a shelter or perhaps we should say that the owner picked out the dog for us. We went there with an appointment to meet another dog but once we had talked for a bit with the owner she recommended we met Fido. A cross between a Labrador and a Springer Spaniel. It was love at first sight and we took him home later that same day and have not regretted it a single time since. He is happy and healthy and everything we wanted and didn't know we needed in a dog.
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