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Wednesday, July 29

Dreams of Pasta Carbonara

Blog Prompt: Today is National Lasagna Day. Do you like Italian food? What is your favorite Italian dish?
When I was younger I lived just down the street from the best Italian restaurant I’ve ever been to. The atmosphere was always warm and inviting. The food was beyond delicious and the wines superb. Of course the company was always perfect as well. I went there with friends, first dates and various boyfriends over the years. I loved the place so much. When I returned to the town after living elsewhere for a couple of years I was very sad to see that the owners had sold the restaurant and the new cook was no where near the old standard and I never went back again. Somehow I didn’t want the memory of the good old days ruined by lousy food. Today the restaurant is turned into an ice cream bar.

But let’s step back to the food. The amazing Italian food, that got me into the restaurant in the first place. For some reason I always ended up eating the same thing; Pasta Carbonara. The yummiest dish of them all with the pasta, bacon and cream served with just a pinch of chopped parsley. Hmm, I suddenly know what I want to make for dinner tonight.

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