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Friday, July 31

Christmas Planner Draft

Webfrau from DSP has run a challenge this week as part of the Christmas in July celebrations to make a Christmas Planner and since I’m always behind around Christmas especially in the Christmas card department I jumped onboard hoping that I’ll be a bit more prepared this year. Well as it turned out I’m already behind and didn’t get to finish my planner before the week was over. Oh well – I guess December is still what 3 months away? So there’s still time to finish it.

I’ve used a regular A4 binder and divided it into six different categories: Calendar, Christmas cards (including an address index), Gifts, Economy, Recipes and Notes. The notes section is intended for a bit of daily journaling in December which will make the Christmas scrap album so much easier to do once December is over. I’m not completely satisfied with the look of the planner yet but I guess that’s just because I haven’t had time to tweak it as much as I usually do. I’ll be sure to remember to update here once I’ve got it done. Hopefully that’ll happen sometime before Christmas

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