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Saturday, June 27

Statistically Challenged

I love numbers! So when I opened the gallery at DSP today I noticed a bit of statistic that I had to look a bit closer at. Here’s what I found:
  • There are 278,263 photos in the gallery and there has been made 1,454,523 comments which mean that on average every layout should have at least 5 comments.
  • There have been 50,682,339 views which on average means that each layout gets viewed 35 times but only every 7th person comment on the viewed layout.
  • There are 152,425 users which mean that every member on average has two photos in their gallery but the top ten posters counts for more then 5% alone with nearly 16,000 photos in the gallery.
  • 22% of all the photos are in the Challenge galleries which mean that every 5th uploaded photo is for a challenge.
  • 42% of the challenge layouts are in the designer challenge galleries which mean that every 11th photo uploaded is for a designer challenge.
  • Doing challenges is a good thing if you like more comments since layouts for challenges on average gets approx. 7 comments which is two more then the overall average.
  • Our Queen of scrapping Mars is the number one poster in the gallery with 2,249 photos which mean that since she joined in September 2005 she has on average made more then four layouts every week!! Now how many of you can match that? I just did the math on my own gallery and I can barely make an average of 3 every week since I joined in 2006.

I had to use that knowledge for something, so I've started a challenge (since everyone loves a good challenge) at DSP. You can check it out here!

Statistically Challenged

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