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Tuesday, June 9

Getting better

I think I'm done with the SNL June kit but like always I need a few days to think about it. But today I wanted to show you this.
One thing is that I seem to have more fun designing, another is that I'm finally able to see myself that I'm improving. I realised it while I was finishing the last element for the kit. Not long ago I would have stopped after making the branch look like the left one, thinking it looked pretty good. Now with a bit more training it looks like the one to the right.
Sure it takes a lot longer but I'm slowly moving towards quality instead of quantity. Slowly, very slowly that is! And perhaps that's what is holding me back the most. I hate being slow at anything and would much rather not do it then. I really need to start focusing more on details. It took me forever to get that skill when it comes to scrapping, hopefully it'll show in my design soon as well.

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  1. Such a process to art, no matter the desire, lol. I am glad you are finding a home within your creative abilities, we all have our settling points in life. I call them markers, and reconize as I get older how important they really are. The branch looks fantastic......