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Tuesday, May 5

I'm inspired

I'm not sure what exactly happened but I've been so inspired these past few days and have two kits sort of finished. And here I was just about ready to give up entirely on the designing thing.

The first kit is using the color swatch and theme from this months SNL at DSP. There's a group of talented ladies there that each and every month contribuate to a mega kit and I haven't really been good at keeping up with them due to the lack of inspiration but this month I've finished something and in good time as well.

The second one is also inspired by the SNL group. It's to be given away when they celebrate they've been doing this for 50 months. That's 50 megakits. How cool is that? I really like how this turned out and is especially excited about the frames.

So now you tell me. Did my recent discovered inspiration pay off?


  1. Very cool Jeanet. I hadn't seen the 50th kith. Love the flowers and feathers. Are you still using PSE to design or have you switched to PS? You could write some tutorials at SNL for them :)

  2. They look like difficult colors to create with....the overlay is awesome....good job!

  3. Ooo Jeanet - This is the first chance I've had to take a look at your designs. I really think you have a talent for this if you decide to pursue. Beautiful work!