Thursday, May 14

Eurovision Extravaganza - Semifinale 2

Okay it's time for my top ten for the last semi finale. I got 6 out of 10 in the first so that wasn't too bad. I had Switzerland and Andorra as my top two and neither of them made it to the final but I wasn't too upset. They both delivered weak vocal performances, Switzerland because he apparently just couldn't sing and Andorra because her voice wasn't up to full speed.

So lets see how many of my top ten for the second semi finale will actually make it. Here it is.

10: Cyprus - Christina Metaxa with Firefly
From Cyprus comes another teenager, 17 y.o. Christina Metaxa with the song Firefly written by her older brother. I’m not totally overwhelmed by her voice. It’s sweet but a bit pitchy at times and she might be 17 but she’s going on 57 with her performance. But I do have hopes for this song. It’s one of those songs that the live performance can make or break. If she really delivers on stage and let the audience feel her sweetness they might be more inclined to vote for her. A bit above average, but still average.
Music: 3/5 Voice: 2/5 Likability: 4/5 Overall score: 3/5

9: Ukraine - Svetlana Loboda with Be my Valentine
From Ukraine comes perhaps the most interesting entry this year. This song will divide the voters in Europe between those who love it and those who hate. There really isn’t any middle ground here. I find it very refreshing and expect an amazing outrages performance.
Music: 4/5 Voice: 3/5 Likability: 4/5 Overall score: 3,67/5

8: Norway - Alexander Rybak with Fairytale
Born in Belarus and grown up in Norway 23 year old Alexander Rybak has the looks of an Eastern European and the charms of a Scandinavian. All over the www people are guessing this will be the winner song of the Eurovision 2009 and although I wouldn’t hold it against our Norwegian friends to win this year I’m just not as excited as the rest of the world. The song, the lyrics and the guy is very likable but it just doesn’t do it for me. I’m not blown away with this performance or the song and am still looking to find an answer to why Europe apparently loves this guy so much.
Music: 3/5 Voice:3/5 Likability: 5/5 Overall score: 3,67/5

7: Hungary - Zoli Ádok with Dance with me
It seems like the second semifinale will be full of hot men (I’m so glad they’ll send this live in Denmark). From Hungary we have Zoli Adok that encourages us to dance with me. And you’ll feel like dancing. It’s a good upbeat number with a good singer. It’s high quality stuff and I’m sure we’ll see an awesome live show from him with some funny twists.
Music:3/5 Voice: 4/5 Likability: 5/5 Overall score: 4/5

6. Albania - Kejsi Tola with Carry Me in Your Dreams
From Albania we’ll see one of the youngest contestants this year. 17 year old Kejsi Tola sings an upbeat number called Carry Me In Your Dreams which is a rather catchy song. Before the 3 minute song is over you’ll be able to sing a long (which is a huge Eurovision factor for me) and yet it doesn’t get boring despite the repeating chorus. It is probably one of the strongest songs this year.
Music: 5/5 Voice: 3/5 Likability: 4/5 Overall score: 4/5

5: Greece - Sakis Rouvas with This is our night
How do I say this right? He’s HOT!!! It’s not always as much about the song as the singer and this Sakis from Greece is really yummy. And it doesn’t hurt of course that he’s got an okay voice and performs with an okay pop song. I expect an awesome live performance from him and that will turn an okay song into something spectacular. Some might remember him from his 2004 Eurovision entry Shake it, a song I still listen to, where he came in third. Maria from A*Teens as some of you might know said on a Swedish programme that she didn't really like how he seems to be so aware of how cute he is. I totally disagree. There's nothing wrong with having confidence when you are performing for millions of viewers across Europe.
Music: 3/5 Voice: 4/5 Likability: 5/5 Overall score: 4/5

4: Denmark - Brinck with Believe Again
I shouldn’t really rate the Danish entry since I’m sure to be a bit biased about it. First of all because it is from Denmark but mostly because it’s Brinck singing the song Believe Again. I’ve loved Brinck since before I even knew his name. He’s got an amazing rough voice full of emotions and the song co-written by Ronan Keating is a good choice for him. But if I have to be critical on anything it would probably be that it’s a song we heard a million times before. There’s not much new about apart from the cute guy singing it. I have some concerns about his live performance not his vocal but his act. I found it a bit boring at the Danish competition and I hope he’s had some dance lessons since then and will get off that chair. Perhaps he should take some lessons from a previous Danish contestant Drama Queen. But it really is a good solid song with an awesome singer so I have faith in him.
Music: 4/5 Voice: 5/5 Likability: 4/5 Overall score: 4,33/5

3: Azerbaijan - Aysel & Arash with Always
From Azerbaijan comes the duo AySel & Arash with the song Always. The song is a now classic mix of traditional rhythms and dance music but what separates them from the rest are the fact that they can actually sing. Especially AySel has a rather good voice and I wish she would have done a bit more singing and a little less hip dancing but she looks great doing both. There’s not much renewing about the song but it works just as it is.
Music: 5/5 Voice: 5/5 Likability: 4/5 Overall score: 4,67/5

2: Estonia - Urban Symphony with Rändajad
Urban Symfony from Estonia is one of the strongest performances this year. Everytime I hear it I get goose bumps and a sudden urge to cry because it is so incredible beautiful. The lead singers voice is an instrument in it self and behind that heavy black bangs lies a beautiful soul you just want to know better. I could listen to this song none stop all day long. Superb, nothing short of superb.
Music: 5/5 Voice: 5/5 Likability: 5/5 Overall score: 5/5

1: Lithuania - Sasha Son with Love
One word: WOW! The song from Lithuania is absolutely fantastic. It’s an awesome singer and the lyrics and melody are so beautiful. It’s a little song of freedom. It’s a little song of hope. It’s little song with a great impact on me. “For the pain that I had for the fame that I got was for what?” Oh my freaking God. The singer Sasha Son has always written the song but he is so much more then a singer/song writer. He is a STAR. But I fear this might not be Eurovision style enough.
Music: 5/5 Voice: 5/5 Likability: 5/5 Overall score: 5/5

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