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Friday, May 8

Eurovision Extravaganza - Semifinale 1

Okay my time schedule was totally ruined by life and my daily update has now been delayed for a few days. So here's my top ten list for the first semi finale. These are the ones I want to see make it to the finale.

# 10: Czech Republic - with Aven Romale
To be honest I’m a bit bewildered about the Czech entry this year. It’s a bit cabaret meeting wannabe rapper. It has rhythm but if it had been song by Dusty the singing turkey from last years competition I wouldn’t have been a bit surprised. Because it really feels like a joke with the lead singer running around on stage in his superman costume and the Amy Winehouse lookalike on the violin. It’s a bad joke but I can’t help to smile a little. Just a little.
Music: 2/5 Voice: 1/5 Likability: 3/5 Overall score: 2/5

# 9: Iceland - Yohanna with Is it true?
Iceland has impressed me the last couple of years but have done really bad in the competition which just proves that the Eurovision is like X Factor. It isn’t enough to sing well and sing good songs if you don’t have that extra. This years entry Is it true is good. It’s easy listening and don’t require a lot of commitment. The singer is a delight but that extra is missing.
Music: 3/5 Voice: 3/5 Likability: 1/5 Overall score: 2,33/5

# 8: Belarus - Petr Elfimov with Eyes That Never Lie
He looks like something out of the 80s. He performs like someone stuck in the 80s but he also sounds like the 80s which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Petr Elfimov from Belarus delivers a good pop/rock song that definitely would make me turn up the sound to let it fill my living room. Or turn it up so much that I could leave the room and still hear it and not have to look at him. We all know that looks matters. It’s not enough to just have a good song (but then again the Olsen Brothers won in 2000). I don’t think it’s a winner song but I hope he’ll at least get the opportunity to sing in the finals.
Music: 3/5 Voice: 3/5 Likability: 1/5 Overall score: 2,33/5

# 7: Montenegro - Andrea Demirovic with Just Get Out of My Life
From Montenegro comes Andrea Demirovic with the song Just Get Out of My Life which makes me thinks of the good old Abba days. The beat is good, the lyrics catchy and the girl colorful. It’s a true Eurovision classic but perhaps a bit boring in the long run. It takes more these days to write a winner song then the inspiration from former Eurovision hits and this entry ends up pretty average
Music: 3/5 Voice: 3/5 Likability: 3/5 Overall score: 3/5

# 6: Malta - Chiara with What If We
From Malta comes the singer Chiara again (again) with the song What if we? Her song from the 2005 Eurovision, Angel, is one of those I still listen to. She’s has an amazing voice and the lyrics this year is beautiful. She is possibly one the biggest singer the Eurovision has ever seen but Malta seems to have stuck in the late 90s when it comes to making Eurovision songs and I think that will prevent this song to receive the recognition it so truly deserves.
Music: 2/5 Voice: 5/5 Likability: 3/5 Overall score: 3,33/5

#5: Sweden - Malena with La Voix
This is a winning recipe that Sweden has used a lot of times before but for some reason they keep exciting the European audience and I think they will again this year. They are bringing opera to the Eurovision combined with a good dance rhythm and a bunch of lovely boys to look at. If you like big songs, you’ll like this one. I know I do and the more I hear it the more I love it. But is the European audience ready for Malena?
Music: 2/5 Voice: 5/5 Likability: 3/5 Overall score: 3,33/5

#4: Bosnia & Herzegovina - Regina with Bistra Voda
Bosnia & Herzegovina has delivered several decent songs to the Eurovision these past few years and this year is no different. I really like the first 1:15 in the song Bistra Voda but then as the song would benefit greatly from changing pace nothing happens. I hate that in a song when they lead up to something big and then leave me unsatisfied. It kills any love for the song I might have had. When that is said, it is still a pretty good song but it could have been so much better. The lead singer is very likable and their approach to the whole thing is likable as well and that helps them in the overall score.
Music: 3/5 Voice: 3/5 Likability: 5/5 Overall score: 3,67/5

# 3: Armenia - Inga & Anush with Jan Jan
Armenia will be represented this year by Anush and Inga Arshakyan with the song Jan Jan. I’ve heard the song in a couple of different versions. The live and the recorded version and the difference between the two make me wonder just how good singers the two of them are. They have a strong song with a good likable beat that will serve as a translation to all of us who doesn’t understand the lyrics. I really like this song but I’m not convinced that Anush and Inga will be able to really deliver on stage live.
Music: 5/5 Voice: 3/5 Likability: 4/5 Overall score: 4/5

# 2: Andorra - Susanne Georgi with La Teva Decisió
From Andorra comes Susanne Georgi with the song La Teva Decisió (Get A Life). Susanne is from Denmark but has lived in Andorra for the past 13 years. Together with her sister she was the voice behind one of the 90s inescapable hits “Dub I Dub” and just like that song her entry for this Eurovision is one of those annoying little songs that you really want to hate but can’t help to sing to yourself. The song resembles Susanne’s quirky charm and I expect she’ll be able to deliver with great persuasion on the stage at the first semi finale.
Music: 4/5 Voice: 4/5 Likability: 5/5 Overall score: 4,34/5

# 1: Switzerland - Lovebugs with The Highest Heights
Finally a song that ‘wow’ me in the first Semi final. From Switzerland comes Lovebugs with the song The highest heights. There’s no doubt that these guys get their inspiration from some of the biggest bands ever, Coldplay for the more recent ones and Nirvana for an older one. The Nirvana part should be looked for in his voice not just in his look. Good lyrics, good melody, good flow. I love this song.
Music: 5/5 Voice: 5/5 Likability: 4/5 Overall score: 4,67/5

Overall there are some decent entries in the first semi finale but the real treasures are to be found in the second.

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