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Friday, May 1

Eurovision day 6 & 7

Life caught up with me and I didn't get to post yesterday so there's double up today.

Semi finale 1:

Now we know where Elvis has been hiding all these years. In Belgium under the name Patrick Ouchène or perhaps he is just a Copycat as his song is called. I’m a bit ambivalent about this song. It’s not bad but it’s not that good either. It gets boring before the first chorus is over and there isn’t any originality about this song. I’m disappointed!
Music: 2/5 Voice: 2/5 Likability: 1/5 Overall score: 1,67/5

I almost find it a shame that Finland isn’t entering this year with another rock number. The dance number Lose Control will surely fade into the background along with the ten other songs that sounds just like this and it will loose the battle due to weak singing performances. A good live performance might save it but it’s too much the same and too much computer and not enough song.
Music: 2/5 Voice: 1/5 Likability: 2/5 Overall score: 1,67/5

Semi finale 2:
Poland is sending the singer, Lidia Kopania, a beautiful young woman with a beautiful song called I don’t wanna leave. But that’s where the beauty ends for me. Poland has been one of those countries that these past years have grown each year with their entry but this year the song is ruined by not so great English. The accent is heavy and I feel confident that the song would have improved so much more if they had stayed true to their own language and simply tell the story with all the emotions Lidia obviously has. When that is said we’ve seen before that performers have had English classes before the big show so there’s hope for this song yet. Slim, but it’s there.
Music: 3/5 Voice: 2/5 Likability: 1/5 Overall score: 2/5

To be honest I’m not sure if the entry from Croatia this year is new or an old rerun from the 70s. At best it sounds like something you enjoy listening to being played by a homeless at a train station but quickly move away from. It is incredible boring and so is the singers. They are both very young and attractive but the whole act and singing abilities are so old fashioned that it drowns in the competition of more hip songs.
Music: 2/5 Voice: 2/5 Likability: 2/5 Overall score: 2/5

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