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Thursday, April 16

Update on scrapping

With the coming of April my term as a DET member at Digital Scrapbook Place ended. I have loved every second of it but I'll admit that I felt a bit burned out in the end. No one pushes me as hard as I do myself and every month I pushed a little harder. I thought I was going to take a break once the term ended but I've been just as busy this month as the previous but somehow it is less stressful. I'm not pushing, I'm just creating and loving it.

Perhaps its the new freedom, perhaps its new inspiration, perhaps its the fact that I take more photos now then I have in a long time or perhaps its just that there's been some great challenges this month.

One of them is Robyn Gough's Graphically Challenged challenge which this month is to use only papers, brush
Udgiv indlæg
es and text. No elements at all which I've found to be more a challenge then I first assumed. But I've loved the process. Here's one of the layouts I've done.

The Credits: Grey Day by Suzanne C. Walker & Grey Day Add-On Pack by Suzanne C Walker

I'm off to London in a couple of days and I so wish I had an extra day there so I could have gone to Brighton for the day. Its one of my favorite places ever. The city, the piers, the mood, the light. It is such an inspirational place and I hope to someday get the chance to show my husband what it is that I love so much about Brighton. (Oh and a summer home there would be great too *lol*)

I think this must be enough updating for one day. I'll be back with more updates when I get home from London and perhaps I'll even start blogging my 365 photos if I can keep up with them.

See ya'

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