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Thursday, April 16

Update on designing

I'm a scrapper - not a designer. Never the less I've tried for the last month to create something but the only thing I've learned from it is that I have a whole new respect for the designers that makes new kits every week. Seriously - how do they do it? I love making papers and always end up with too many but when it comes to elements I'm lost. One thing is the skill which I'm certain I could learn just as I have with everything else but another thing is deciding what elements there should be. I've tried looking at my layouts and figure out what elements I like to use and I'm all over the place apparently *lol*

During my 6 months term on the best creative team ever, Digital Elite Team at Digital Scrapbook Place, I've learned so much and the most important thing to me has to find my own style as a scrapper. I do a bit of everything but I do find the most joy in graphic/freestyle layouts. Now if I was to try out this designer thing that seems like a natural step forward I would have to define myself again as a designer and I've been trying to force that which seems stupid considering how long it has taken me to find my style as a scrapper.

I can't decide if I have it in me or not and if I do what will my trademark be so I don't drown in the huge sea of designers there's out there? I think my main issue is that I'm so picky about the products I buy myself. If they aren't flawless I'll never go back to that designer again. And I expect the same of myself that I do with others despite that I know I'm just a newbie.

So here's a little preview of my attempts. Not sure how I feel about posting it online. And enough of the ramblings on design for this time.

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  1. Jeanet is there no end to your talent! Awesome designs. I think your work is wonderful.