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Wednesday, April 22


We had a fabulous weekend in London. The weather was beautiful and quite warm and we both got home just a bit more red. The hotel was fabulous and they even gave us a free upgrade which meant we moved from the 3th floor to the 12th floor and a gorgeous view of London. We could easily have spend the entire weekend there just looking out at all the glorious sights such as the London Eye, Royal Albert Hall etc.
But of course we had to get out there and we walked for hours every day. When we returned to the hotel Sunday night we were both exhausted and our feet hurt so much that we decided to share a footbath in the tub. So we sat there on the edge of the tub soaking our feet, looking into the wall and talking about the day. It was the best way I can imagine ending a day.

We saw so much, tried so many things and I was thrilled to share my love for this city with my husband but in the end we were really tired, having put too much into the schedule with just 3 short days there, so we were ready to go home. The photo is taken from Grosvenor Square just across Victoria Station where we had lunch from Pret before we headed to Kensington to pick up our lugguage from the hotel and go to Gatwick. Words can not descriebe how tired we were and how tempting it was to just lie back in the grass and sleep for a little while. I'm glad we resisted though or we might have missed our flight home.

I've got so many photos I want to scrap now and it is really hard to resist not scrapping all the time but today is my husband's 30th birthday and I can't imagine that's how he wants to spend the day. But I got one done this morning before he got out of bed with part of the view from the hotel. The text says: "In the dark of night – we dream of the adventures that still lie ahead." The signs says Fairyland & Dreamland.
Nighttime At the Fairy Glen by Nicole Young & the coordinating blog freebie Midnight In The Garden 2 Page Kit by Nicole Young Midnight In The Garden Add On Pack by Nicole Young

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  1. Just love the blended skyline....glad you had a fabulous weekend...I am so jealous, lol!