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Friday, April 24

Eurovision Extravaganza

It is the time of the year again! In less then a month the Eurovision Song contest will take place in Moscow, Russia. I'm a huge Eurovision fanatic and I'm thrilled to see so many great entries this year. With the new voting systems this will be a very interesting year. So I'm going to use the time from now and until the first semi finale May 12th to introduce you to the songs starting from the bottom and moving up.

There'll be two semi finales this year so today I'm introducing the two songs I think are the worst from both semi finales. There are many great songs that compete for the first place but I didn't have any doubts about which ones I thought were the worst.

Semi finale 1: FYR Macedonia
If anyone has wondered what happened to Jon Bon Jovi I can now tell them that he’s moved to F.Y.R. Macedonia, has smoked a bit too much and now performs at the Eurovision with a song written by the local daycare. This doesn’t rock at all. It might have a better experience with a better singer but I feel the need to mute him.
Music: 1/5 Voice: 0/5 Likability: 0/5 Overall score: 0,33/5

Semi finale 2: Moldova
I’m not sure but isn’t this the same number they did last year? In the beginning when Eastern Europe came into the Eurovision family their sound was refreshing and inspiring. These days it has become an annoyance with too much screaming, too much jumping the stage and way too much lip stick. The entry from Moldova is a bathroom break number for me.
Music: 1/5 Voice: 0/5 Likability: 0/5 Overall score: 0,33/5

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