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Tuesday, April 28

Eurovision day 5

Day 5 of the Eurovision countdown.

Semi finale 1:
Portugal has gone back to basics and it fits them. The group Flor-De-Lis uses traditional Portuguese instruments. It all becomes a bit too typical and although the song is quite sweet and I like the singer and the way her voice compliments the instruments I’m just not excited. I applaud them for taking the chance and staying true to their own culture but the competition is hard and the voters not many with similar taste.
Music: 2/5 Voice: 2/5 Likability: 1/5 Overall score: 1,67/5

Semi finale 2:
Latvia will not be performing with a Latvian or English song this year. They will be singing in Russian. I think the Eurovision lost a part of its charm when everyone was allowed to sing in English and not only their own language and now it’s okay to sing in any language? How can we celebrate our cultural differences when it’s no longer possible to see or hear where the song comes from? When that is said I find the Latvian entry rather refreshing in the midst of hot young men singing their ballads. It’s so angry and once again proves that Latvia is a country of renewal and courage but I think it might be a bit too much for the majority and I applaud their courage but as a Eurovision song I hate it.
Music: 2/5 Voice: 2/5 Likability: 1/5 Overall score: 1,67/5

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