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Monday, April 27

Eurovision day 4

Although not too high scores this is actually already getting harder. Because the entries this year are in fact all close to good (which is huge coming from me) But here's the next two

Semi finale 1:
She wish… she looked like Shakira, sing like Shakira, danced like Shakira… but she really doesn’t. This is a cheap imitation and the whole song falls apart before the first minute is over. I honestly don’t know for the first time ever what I should say about this song. It is that indifferent to me.
Music: 1/5 Voice: 1/5 Likability: 1/5 Overall score: 1/5

Semi finale 2:
From Ireland, home of Johny Logan, comes the girl rock band Black Daisies with their song Et Cetera. It’s angry girl pop like Kate Perry but without the charm of her. Ireland is clearly trying to renew them in the Eurovision area and the song this year is so much better then last year but it is still not up to full speed.
Music: 2/5 Voice: 1/5 Likability: 1/5 Overall score: 1,33/5

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