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Sunday, April 26

Eurovision day 3

Moving a step closer to some decent songs

Semi finale 1:
I bet the entry from Romania will be a huge hit in the Baltic countries this summer. But the song ‘The Balkan girls’ do not have a broad appeal despite being a pop/dance song. The singer’s accent is thick and might be the cause for a not so great singing voice and somehow hearing about the Balkan girls doesn't wow me in any way. It grows on me a bit everytime I hear it but at the Eurovision there's only one chance to shine.
Music: 1/5 Voice: 0/5 Likability: 1/5 Overall score: 0,67/5

Semi finale 2:
From the Netherlands come the 2 middle-aged guys and the somewhat younger partner in the band called The Toppers. The band made their success on doing medleys of old Eurovision songs and you can hear this in their entry, Shine. It is very typical, very old-fashioned and quite boring and I have serious doubts that they will make it to the finals. There’s no doubt that they can sing and both lyrics and melody are quite likable but in the end they seemed to have been caught in a time gap when it comes to style and that ruins a lot for this performance.
Music: 2/5 Voice:2/5 Likability: 0/5 Overall score: 1,33/5

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